A bowling wrist support really helps to keep the wrist straight when releasing the ball. They are many different types from basic to elaborate.

A basic wrist guard has a piece of metal on the back while the more elaborate wrist guard has some adjustment and can also cover an entire finger. Be sure that the fit is right whichever wrist guard you select.

The follow through on the release of the ball is very important. Release the ball with the “thumb the nose” action. This eliminates crossing over the body as the ball comes off the hand.

Bowling gloves are meant to provide greater grip, just like most athletic gloves. Bowling gloves are also sold to bowling enthusiasts as the casual player don't really need gloves to play.

Gloves are there to provide a better grip to the ball since most times, sweaty hands can cause a ball to slip. They are made of various materials including leather and synthetics.

There are also bowling gloves available that have magnets sewn into them, since magnets are known to improve circulation, relieve pain and swelling, speed up the healing process and increase range of motion.

Bowling wrist supports and bowling gloves can not only help your game, but in cases of an injury, they can really help healing and prevent further damage to muscles and joints.