$_12The professional bowlers make it seem so easy to bowl that strike. They throw the ball and all the pins go down. Of course, they bowl hundreds and hundreds of games over a period of time. Practice really does help.

One important aspect of bowling a strike is having the right size ball which has been drilled properly for the finger holes.The release of the ball is very critical to bowling a strike.

Putting a lift on the ball is key to success in bowling a strike. This is accomplished by squeezing the ball which causes the ball to rotate to the left hand side of the headpin.

Releasing the ball at the foul line rather than following through and getting the ball out onto the lane is not as likely to result in a strike. The ball can also be released without a lift which is a straight ball. A straight ball isn’t as likely to produce a strike.

There are three step, four step, and five step approaches used by bowlers. Four step is the most common, starting on the right foot and ending with a slide on the fourth step, which is the left foot.

The five pin is very crucial in bowling a strike. Putting the ball in the 1-3 pocket will hopefully take out the 5 pin which creates the pin action to take down the rest of the pins.