Bowling Style

It's pretty evident that most people think that getting the bowling strikes is the major goal in bowling.. They are always looking for the strikes and get excited the more they make. And trust me, I am no different than the majority. As long as I have been bowling, I still get a thrill seeing that bowling ball mow those pins down in a clean sweep. It is an empowering feeling!

When we think of strikes we think of them as being the top score, ten points and also they give you that added bonus of the total points you score on the next two throws. One other positive purpose of a strike is that once you strike you don't have to worry about missing picking up a spare or worry about getting a split.

Nothing wrong with that. One of the attractions of bowling is the social aspect. But if you're making idle chit-chat, sharing gossip, comparing stock market portfolios, discussing business concerns or complaining about your boss, that's not going to improve your average. If, like me, you're in this to be the best that you can be, then you're squandering a valuable resource.

Socialize all you want with your league buddies, but talk about their game rather than their favorite television shows. Talk to the better bowlers about how they test for conditions and other variables.

Wear your bowling shoes even in practice sessions. It is okay to rent from the bowling shops also, but it is better to get suited to your own pair in preparation for your competitions or other future games.

You can easily choose from any of the brands available because they don't have that much difference in terms of quality and style. What is important is that they fit you comfortably.

Remember to inform the sales person whether your dominant hand. Also choose the size just right for your feet. It is best to try and fit it so you would feel if it is comfortable enough for you.

I learned an important lesson last season from one of the best bowlers in our league. You need to let the more laid-back, quiet people know that you truly value their input. Make it clear that you're not the type who resents constructive criticism.

I'm a good 30 pins under where I want to be average-wise. I know the best way to get where I'm going is to take direction from better bowlers. This one night I was having a terrible time, missing all my strikes and spares, making adjustments that weren't helping. I was way below my average and at my wit's end.

Half-way through the third and final game, a high-roller on the competing team saw my frustration and offered a well-intended observation. "I hate to say anything, but all night you've been dropping your shoulder and not following through." I couldn't believe it! It was a total newbie mistake. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and said: "Now you tell me!"

His reply was a real eye-opener. He said he never says anything because he learned to bowl from his dad, who would critique his game and give him pointers. He said it drove him nuts to the point that he almost quit the sport a number of times.

Now I had been bowling in the same league with this fellow for six years or more. I thought we had become pretty good buds, but I had no idea why he never uttered a comment or helpful hint. I figured he saw me as the competition and wanted to keep his edge. Turns out he was being considerate. He thought I'd be insulted.

Since then, he has become my go-to guy when I'm having a bad night. He still doesn't offer advice to anyone else. But I get all the help I need simply because I let him know what a high value I place on anything he can offer.

Life and becoming a better bowler can be so simple sometimes

Resource Author Francisco Rodriguez Higueras
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