A popular, fun, but unusual sport is the 10 pin game of bowling. Very often, when you deliver your ball, it will look like a strike ball, heading straight for the 1-3 or 1-2 pocket. But then you are left with a number 8 and 10 combination. Or some other pin combination or just one pin left standing and you are left with a feeling of being robbed of your strike.

Here is something you should know that will be a completely surprise to you. There are twelve inches between each pin and it’s a good distance to travel. A pin will not travel this distance the same way, each time it’s knocked down. You can get permission from the alley you go bowling and check closely the placement of each pin.

The distance from the number one pin (or head pin) is 60 feet.  What looks like a perfect strike ball will hit that pin differently, by a fraction of an inch, each time and from the distance you are bowling it’s not noticeable.

A perfect, by the book, strike is when the ball hits into the 1-3 pocked deflecting left of the 3 pin into the 5 pin, the 5 pin to the right into the 9 pin dropping into the pit. The 1 pin moves left into the 2 pin and the 2 pin into the 4  pin taking out the 7 pin.  The 5 pin moves into the 8 pin and the 3 pin carries the 6 pin and 6 takes out the 10 pin.

A real punisher is the 8-10 split. You may have missed the perfect strike by less than a quarter of an inch, when this combination of pins comes up. Your ball hit the 5 pin a fraction too light and shot across in front of the 8 pin. Your ball too light on head pin (1 pin)  and the 6 pin did not move directly toward the 10 pin, going around it.

In the game of bowling (10 pin) it is necessary that several pins move in a straight line in order to get a strike. You should know that it’s easy to have one or two pins standing. Even though the ball looks good from 60 feet.

These are just facts and not meant to discourage you. So that you know the reason your strike ball may not produce a strike.

If you watch the championship on AMF in action either on television or at an actual tournament you may have seen them spill the pins in a league. You may, as one among average bowlers and even been amazed how easy these stars score 200 and higher and their 700 and sometimes 800 game series.

A 153 average is a long way from a 200 average. The male bowler scores, for the last season, average around 153 and for women bowlers the average is around 130. Remember you are an average bowler, because that’s what you want to be, maybe you are strictly a beginner or not really interested or maybe you’re bowling just with friends for the fun of it. However, before you know it…your hooked!

A major difference from a star bowler and those who in the 170 - 180 averages is the ability to be able to shrug off a bad game. Even a champion occasional hit’s a game in the low 100’s and it only takes a couple of eight or nine counts, several splits (maybe 3 or 4) or even one miss and a champion has a 140 game.

With some practice your 10 pin game of bowling will improve and so will your scores. The more you practice the more your improvement. You will be surprised how easy it is to accomplish that improvement.

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