Bowlers fall into three basic categories: people that have 3 step approaches, 4 step approaches, and then 5 step approaches to get up to the area of the foul line.

Numerous bowlers like the 4 step approach because it helps them have a nice smooth, coordinated way and the time to perfect their release of their ball at the proper rhythm.

Many bowlers readily like changing over to a four-step approach after they first try it. Attend a bowling instructional session with a good instructor, and you will hear: “out for one, down for two, back for three and then slide!”

This approach is very comfortable, you will use a small amount of effort to get the full amount of results.

Now lets look at step one in this delivery with 4 steps. This step is the push away step with your right foot (if you are right handed)  and where the phrase comes in that is, “Out for one”. To this step one is the push away.

With the push away step you should also launch the ball forward and a little to your right (if you are right handed), to allow room to do the step 2 and your pendulum type swing for your arm. You you don't push the ball a little to the right you will collide with your right leg as you take step 2.

As you take step number 2, your left hand should be taken off the ball. This is done very quickly for the most part, but can vary. Sometimes bowlers remove their left hand as they do the push away step, or a moment before the full step is done. Just don't leave the left hand touching your ball going into the step number 2. That could create you a problem.

Your ball should do a swing like a pendulum during the step number 2. don't ever force this. Let your ball's weight do the work.

“Back for three, and then slide.” After you finish the slide your left foot needs to be about 3 inches back from the foul line. Don't try too hard to make long strides, the fact is that short strides usually work best.

For every bowler, the number 3 step should have the ball in a total back swing. At this point if you have made any mistakes it is most likely too late to correct them, you are committed. Actually after you began the push away is the point where it is too late.

For step number 4 this is the slide step and your ball moves quite easily forward, due to the ball's weight doing the swing. Here again do not force the ball.

Be certain to lean forward when you do your slide, and keep you right foot far enough back to balance yourself, and also it can act as a brake to your slide when needed. As you finish your slide you should find the left foot at least 3 inches in back of the foul line.

Changing to four steps from three, you need to remember that your steps need to be like you are walking.

No need to force your strides into long ones; the fact is, that the strides that are short are more advantageous. You will discover, that a few bowling places have shorter approaches to work with, so the shorter strides help in these cases.

One other thing that is very important with your approach, no matter what number of steps you take, is the fact that you need to keep the right arm right next to your side. Your elbow should practically rub against your side.

Bowlers need to practice their approach, they will not go back to another after they do!

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