You will find that bowling lanes tend to differ from each other and those differences tend to affect the way that ball performs.  The following bowling tips will help you to compensate for these differences.

Of course bowling would be rather simple if the only thing one needed to do to obtain strikes was to throw the ball.  Unfortunately there is no more chance of that than there is of coming across a naturally blue dog!  It is not far from true that each lane is unique.  Although it is not entirely true one often discovers that a pair of lanes do differ.

In bowling lingo some lanes you play run out of the window.  You discover that instead of having difficulty hooking the ball you end up with too much hook.  On the other hand you might encounter a lane that holds the ball.  Instead of being able to have much hook you end up having problems getting the ball to come up in the pocket.

When it comes to the way lanes may differ these are the ones that are most often encountered, however there will be ones that hook appropriately so that it is perfect for you.  Of course you need to bear in mind that a lane that is perfect for you might not necessarily be so for your teammates, so if they are not enjoying as much success as you are you should not give them a difficult time.

Depending on what type of lane that a bowler is bowling on he or she is able to govern their standard delivery in a way that is natural to them.  Therefore, no matter what lane you are bowling from the first ball you bowl should be delivered from your normal position.  You need only move once you have seen the way the ball moves, not before.  The most basic rule for moving is:

You should move slightly to the left, assuming you are a right-handed bowler but still use the same spot as before, however this move is made only if the ball is coming up too fast or is crossing over.

This would be necessary on lanes one would describe as too slow.

When spot bowling you need to take the spot down lane from which the ball breaks toward the pocket into account.  In most cases this occurs around two thirds of the distance down the lane and is definitely not as far to look as the number one pin.

You need to imagine a line drawn from where you take your stance all the way down the lane, depending on how much your ball breaks.  From the spot where the ball breaks, you then move to the foul line and release the ball so that it rolls over your spot.  Although some bowlers find that this spot is too far down the lane, others find it to be rather beneficial to their game.

When you are playing on so-called fast lanes it can be helpful to move a bit to the right of your usual spot.  This is necessary if your ball does not reach the number one, or head, pin.

You might find that the method used by more experienced bowlers is the one for you.

In this method you do not need to move to the left on a slow lane, instead you move the spot you have chosen a bit to the right and begin from the same place on your approach.

Also, if you are on a fast lane you move the spot a bit to the left and proceed as above.

If you find that there is too much hook you might find that moving the spot slightly to the right, instead of your position, is more suitable for you.

Remember not to make any big moves whether of your position or of your spot.  One board can have a significant effect.

If you bowl in unfavorable conditions often it will aid you in learning how the ball will perform.  You know you are a pro when releasing just one ball lets you know what the proper adjustment to make is.

Finally, in order to find the strike pocket you can change your ball’s speed.  If your ball does not reach the head pin slow the speed, or, alternatively, increase it if your ball keeps crossing the lane.

It is necessary to mention that this method is not in line with basic bowling rules which call for the bowler to master a smooth delivery and not to change it.

The more experience you have the more capable you will be of not only reading your lane but also of making the correct adjustments.

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