Gorge yourself on everything from onion rings to chocolate chip cookies at most bowling alleys in the United States.  From the east coast to the west coast, fairly good food in available at local bowling centers.

Bowling alleys were checked in California, South Carolina, Maryland, and Texas.  Some regular items available at most establishments were pizza, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, tacos, fries, nachos, chicken, etc.

There was also food typical of the local area such as Cuban Rueben in Miami and pulled pork sandwiches in Atlanta.

Also found on some menus was calimari, sushi, and lobster kebabs. Some of the newer alleys feature dejays, dance floors, plasma tvs as well as billiards and video games.

There are also all kinds of drinks available including beer, wine, mixed drinks, soda, and coffee.

This is certainly different than Laverne and Shirley and Al Bundy experienced. From a personal view, eating at the establishment while bowling is very relaxing.