There are two sides to any coin. Some occasions call for a sport coat and a tie; others are t-shirt and jeans affairs. Sometimes you need sports merchandise that’s functional; other times call for turning heads.

Fashion or function is always up for discussion. In bowling, you need it all. There are times you need toshow off the fashion and let everyone know who you are. Other times, you need equipment that functions and delivers the ball exactly where you need it, time and time again.

When it comes to a bowlingball, you need a little bit of both fashion and function. When you need to turn heads, clear bowling balls are the best. They’re mesmerizing as they glide and glow down the bowling alley, turning heads with their hypnotic magic. people will never forget it.

Of course, nobody will ever forget your score if you play the entire game with a clear bowling ball, either. In fact, they might even suggest you bowl with the lane bumpers they put up for the kids. Because clear bowling balls have no core, they can suffer in performance. Play the entire game with a clear bowlingball, and you’ll pretty much look like an idiot.

Form does suffer from the fashion of a clear bowling ball. Without a core, the ball’s tougher to handle, even if you’re an experienced bowler. It handles the lane a little unpredictably, which can cause your game to suffer if you use it for the entire night.

But the fashion is hard to resist. You can get a variety of things embedded in a clear ball. Imagine a rose, a skull and crossbones, a lucky die or even a favorite shot glass flashing deep in the center of your ball as you roll it down the lane.

A clear ball is best when played at the critical moment, when you’re picking up the spare to knock down the last pin that makes you a hero. That’s when you want the eyes of the crowd following your every motion. Set up the game with a typical ball; knock it down with a clear bowling ball. When you’re looking to make an impression, clear balls shine like diamonds, lighting up the lane with the sparkle of jewels.