League bowling is competitive, fun, good exercise, and relaxing.

There are many different leagues available such as senior, kids, men, women, mixed, scratch, etc.  There are also leagues such as Reno league, which ends with a trip to Reno and also leagues where each team member receives a ball at the end.  These are only a few of the ones available at different bowling establishments.

The leagues are all governed by rules from USBC such as how handicap is figured, length of league, etc. Each league can have some of their own rules as long as they comply with USBC.

On a set night, the teams bowl against each other.  The leagues are approximately 8 months long and end with a playoff for 1st place. etc.  There are also summer leagues, which are for a shorter time frame.

Each league has officers such as President, Vice President, and Secretary.  The Secretary takes in the money from the bowlers and keep records of all the scores for each evening.

Most leagues start play in early September but there are usually openings during the season as sometimes bowlers leave and some teams do not have a full team.  The number of team members is decided ahead of time by the league such as 3, 4, or 5 members.

It is a good idea to call the local bowling alley and they will know if there are openings on any of the teams.  The friends made from these leagues are great and a good time is had by all. League bowling is just waiting for you to join and have a great time!

Bowling League Trophies and Awards!
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