The following are some of the general rules of bowling:

The person on the right is allowed to go first if two bowlers approach the line at the same time.

It is not permissable to jeer or make comments while a person is bowling.

Bowlers are expected to remain in the settee area while someone else is bowling.

There are some other rules pertaining to league bowling of which the following are a few:

The members of the team must join the American Bowling Congress.

Each team member pays a predetermined fee each week, which pays for bowling and a small secretarial fee.

The secretary computes all of the statistics and team standings.

Each team pays a sponsor fee at the beginning of the year.

The bowling year consists of a predetermined number of weeks.

Substitutes are allowed as long as they follow the same rules as the general team members.

Each league will have league officers elected by other team members. These officers handle any disputes, business, etc.