For those who love the game of bowling and enjoy spending their free time at the lanes with their friends and getting into some friendly competition, learning good bowling techniques is usually important. You can take lessons and learn many of the basics, and you can watch the professional bowlers in bowling tournaments. Soon you will see that having a good curve ball in important. In this brief article are some simple tips for helping to make sure you hook your bowling ball and increase your scores.

Many bowlers at all levels struggle for years to get their bowling balls to hook the way they should, desperately trying to learn the proper way to get consistent hooks. It is universally known that the best and most consistent way to bowl a strike to have a good hook. Having the right bowling shoes and ball can help, but in the end, knowing this technique and practicing it regularly is the best way to hook that ball into the pocket and walk away with a strike.

There are many bowlers who have the mistaken notion that the most important thing they can do is increase the amount of power they use to get the ball down the lane. The truth is that throwing a slower bowling ball that has a good hook to it has a better chance of knocking down all the pins than a hard hit from a straight ball. Because of this fact many bowlers will take lessons and buy instructional bowling videos in an attempt to improve their game.

In tenpin bowling, successfully hooking a ball, also known as having a good curve ball, is a combination of speed and rotation. If these two elements are missing or are not in the proper balance, then the ball will hook too soon and miss the pocket. Not enough speed, too much speed, not enough rotation, too much rotation; all of these instances can cause a problem with achieving the proper curve to the ball and this will not only result in not getting a strike, but often in ending up with a dreaded "split."

The key to success in learning to hook the ball is all in the wrist. Proper wrist movement means that you start your swing with your hand so that your thumb is at about the one o'clock position. Allow the ball to go back as far as possible, and then as you swing your arm forward, simply rotate your hand to the left, as if you were going to shake hands with someone. Do this at about the halfway point from the farthest point back, and before releasing the ball.

Now that you know these basic factors, the next step is to slightly adjust the starting position of your thumb and the rotation of your hand when releasing the ball. Once you find just the perfect combination, which is slightly different for each bowler, you should strive to practice it often so it becomes second nature. As you do so, you will be able to consistently hook your bowling ball, find the sweet spot of the rack of pins and enjoy higher scores on a regular basis.

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