Recent news stories discussing the popularity and benefits of Wii Bowling for seniors indicate that Wii bowling, as well as Tennis may gain more fans in retirement communities around the country.Wii bowling is fast becoming a favorite pastime at retirement homes. Older adults get some exercise and can improve eye hand coordination when playing Wii bowling, or any of the many other great games for the Wii, such as golf or tennis.

Having tried the demo version of Wii Bowling shipped with the Wii console, I am impressed. I immediately thought of someone bowling for many years, even decades and then being unable to continue because of arthritis or other medical problems associated with aging.

Wii systems have been difficult to come by and many have waited until just recently to get their hands on one. While the games that ship with the Wii are fun, the true Wii experience comes through when playing the "real" games.

The Wii bowling games from Brunswick and PBA are much more realistic in appearance, with characters that look like real people with every configurable option imaginable from shoes to hats to colored bowling balls. You can customize your character to your hearts content.

The more advanced bowling games for the Wii also offer a much more 'tactile" feel, meaning more sensitive controls and somewhat higher learning curve than the Wii bowling demos. If you like the Wii bowling demo at all, then you really should check out the full Wii bowling games.

While kids and younger adults may love the actions games and shooter games for Wii and other platforms. Older Americans have opted for the benefits of the Wii sports games like bowling, golf and tennis.

These are sports games they often already know how to play, they know the rules and, because of the Wii controller's "easy to learn" nature, within just a few minutes they can be playing and enjoying the game. Now you can enjoy bowling in the comfort of your own home!