If you are bowling in a league, some leagues require team bowling shirts for everyone and some do not.  Some bowlers choose to wear a bowling shirt just because they like them.

Team bowling shirts come in all colors, styles, and sizes.  They range from the t-shirt with every picture and comment imaginable to the traditional looking bowling shirts which were very popular in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Whether you choose a shirt like Charlie from Two and Half Men or The Sopranos, or the simplier t-shirt, you'll be right in style.

The retro bowling shirts from earlier days are all the rage.  Two shades of the same color, contrasting colors, solid colors, etc. with button down front and collar are very popular.

T-shirts can give your team a zippy image with all the fun they represent.

So get yourself a bowling shirt and have fun!