I thought my days of bowling were over because of arthritis in my hand. I was wrong! The middle finger on my right hand had developed a crook in the end near the joint by the nail. Needless to say, this didn’t always work well in releasing the ball. It seemed to go a little off the mark.

I bought a new ball at the beginning of fall season, 2008, and the pro at the shop where I had it drilled put just the smallest of adjustments into the drilling of that part of the hole, and I am actually able to release the ball with somewhat better accuracy.

Now this didn’t turn me into a great bowler overnight but my average seems to be improving and I am attributing it to the adjustment in the drilling of this hole. Now maybe the other members of my team in league bowling won’t throw me off the team.

Now if I can just figure out something for the other aches and pains, maybe I will be a “not too bad” bowler.