Storm Gravity Shift Reviewed

The Gravity Shift offers the strongest ball reaction in the Shift series to date.

Pin to PAP(5 1/8" over 1/8" up) - 5 5/8"

Mass Bias Position - 3" right of thumb
CG Placement - center of grip
Balance Hole - none

Surface Preparation - Box Finish (1500 grit polished)

What I Was Looking For In This Ball Layout:
This layout was intended to give me much needed skid through the heads and mid lane with a very angular motion on the back part of the lane. I have used this layout before on Storm Dual Density cores and it tends to roll very strong for me. The Cover/Core combo on the Gravity Shift looked perfect to try this layout again.

What I Ended Up With in the Ball and Layout:
Exactly what I wanted. I do not know that this is really the best ball for me int he first game when the shot is fresh, but when they start to break down and I need to get in and know I can clear the heads smoothly and have the ball make a left from wherever I want this is it.

The ball motion is awesome, the first few times I threw it I was worried. Because of the darker coloring of this pearl cover, the ball looked like it was skating down the lane never to return from the right side. After I got more comfortable with this motion I knew it would come back from any part of the lane I wanted.

The last two weeks I have not thrown this ball until the start of the second game but from there on out I used nothing but the Gravity Shift. It compliments the Attitude Shift better then anything else I have thrown since I drilled my Attitude.

If you are looking for something for medium/medium-heavy oil lanes or something to get through the front and middle part of the lane and have
plenty of energy left for the backend the Storm Gravity Shift should be in your bag.