Just like in any sport, wherein the right gear can be the difference between a good player and a great one, so too in bowling does the right gear really make a huge difference. For bowlers, two items of equipment in particular can put large distances between competitors as far as success goes: the correct shoes and balls.

The proper bowling shoes are absolutely necessary to becoming a consistently great thrower. The “proper shoes” means not only shoes that fit well – as well as any other athletic shoe – but also shoes that are suited to the lanes that are being played. Finding the right balance of slip and grip is what will make timing the release of the ball so much easier, as the slip and grip features of the shoe consistently grip the lane in the same way. Many bowlers love Dexter bowling shoes because that company produces a wide variety of shoes that are suited to different styles of footwork and -- to some extent – unique flooring conditions in individual lanes.

As far as bowling ball go, ball selection requires consideration of a number of factors. Most in the know consider Hammer bowling balls to offer the most options to suit any bowling style. First, a ball should be beautiful and representative of their owners’ personalities. Second, they should be the correct weight for the bowler using them – heavier for those wanting more force and who have the strength to throw them, and lighter for those who aren’t as strong, who want maximum control of the ball. Third, the exterior of the ball should be specific to the flooring of the lane. Finding the right balance of friction and slickness is important, since friction helps with accuracy but hurts spin and velocity. Finally, and perhaps most important, is the shape and density of the core. A denser core will result in greater spin, while a less dense core will result in a more balanced rotation. Cores can be shaped to be heavier on the top or on one side to provide that little extra weight that will get the ball really spinning.

Optimal bowling shoes and bowling balls transform good bowlers into great ones Dexter bowling shoes and Hammer bowling balls and accessories provide the most options to bowlers of all skill levels and styles that are usable on any lane.